Zhejiang Normal University

Zhejiang Normal University

Zhejiang Normal University  established  in 1956. ZJNU Included in the top 100 universities in China. ZJNU is located at the cultural historical city of Jinhua in the central part of Zhejiang Province. The city links Shanghai and Hangzhou to the north, and Guangdong and Fujian provinces to the south. The university is named by the Ministry of Education as a Key National Training Base for Teachers of Vocational Education. In 2007, the university was authorized to accept international students supported by the Chinese Government Scholarship and established Confucius Institutes in Cameroon and Ukraine. As one of the key provincial universities, ZJNU specializes in teacher education with multiple branches of learning. The university consists of 19 colleges offering 68 undergraduate programs. It has an enrolment over 25,480 undergraduates, 4,300 postgraduates, and 15,000 adult students in adult education programs.

Chinese language programm:

Long-term Program – spring class: 1 semester – 7400 yuan \ 1 year – 14800 yuan/(deadline: mar 8, 2018)\; autumn class: 1 semester – 7400 yuan\ 1 year – 14800 yuan/ (deadline: jul 31, 2018).

Short – term Programs – spring class/(deadline: mar 8, 2018)\ autumn class (deadline: jul 30, 2018): from 2 weeks\1600 yuan; 3weeks\ 22400 yuan; 4 weeks\3200yuan; 5 weeks\4000yuan; 6 weeks\4800 yuan (deadline: mar 8, 2018)\;


Bachelor: 16800 yuan\year (deadline: mar 8, 2018)

Master: 18800 yuan\year (deadline: mar 8, 2018)

Doctoral: 22800 yuan\year (deadline: mar 8, 2018)


Accommodation Fee:

Single Room – RMB 50\month

Double Room – RMB 35\month

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