About us


We will help you to embody a dream — to get a foreign education, in reality!

The CIS Education Group is the young company, dynamically developing which has a purpose to become one of leading companies in the sphere of educational programs abroad.

The history of development of the Company includes a strong growth and aspiration to open the new territories and the horizons of activities.

Transparent pricing model, the highly skilled team of managers working with the leading foreign partners that allows the company to win the new horizons and safely to look forward. Our business model is aimed at result that on promoted opening of our branches in Uzbekistan.

In a tandem with the CIS Education Group you will open doors of the best educational institutions of China, Korea, Turkey and Malaysia! The diplomas of the international sample gained by the students cooperating with us can serve as confirmation of efficiency of our work. In their today’s success and prospects there are, partly, also our merits. Despite “youth” of our company, we rely only on an own experience in the field of the international education and we aim to conform to the commonly accepted standards. We rely only on own experience in the field of the international education and we seek to conform to the standard standards.

Our mission

We will help you to embody a dream — to get a foreign education!

The CIS Education Group is a young company which has the goal of becoming one of the leading companies in the sphere of educational programs abroad.  The history of our company is characterized by strong growth and an aspiration to expand into new territories and activities.

Our highly skilled team of managers works under a transparent pricing model with leading foreign partners to expand into new countries and provide new opportunities for our clients.  Our business practices throughout the world embrace the values and international standards promoted by our original offices in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

With the CIS Education Group, you will gain access to the best educational institutions in Europe and Asia.  The success of our approach can be seen not only in the internationally recognized diplomas gained in universities throughout the world by the students cooperating with us, but also in their continued success in the global job market after graduation.

Don’t do much harm! “CIS Education Group” doesn’t offer and doesn’t realize projects and programs which can do harm to universities or society in general.

Fair Play “CIS Education Group” builds fair and transparent model of relations with the Advanced Higher education institutions on the basis of mutual trust.

A guarantee of “CIS Education Group” of execution of all undertaken obligations qualitatively and in time.

We offer secondary and higher education in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of China, Malaysia, Korea, the Czech Republic, Turkey according to programs of a grant, and also language course and language training to Australia, Canada, the USA.

Why cooperate with us?

We are chosen because:

  • We deal with all issues related to the choice of the program, reservation of accommodation, and paperwork;
  • We find an individual approach to each student;
  • We have partnerships with over 200 universities throughout the CIS, Middle East, China, Japan, Korea, Czech Republic, and the European Union;
  • We personally visit the locations of each of our university partners before we recommend them to students;
  • Full support of the student in all questions;
  • 170 students come to us annually

We will help you to expand opportunities!

We also provide support in the choice of a language foundation program so that students will be proficient in the languages of the countries of their chosen universities.  With our support, students will leave top universities with a knowledge of two foreign languages and the opportunity to work abroad in international companies.

with the diploma you receive:

  • knowledge of 2 foreign languages;
  • an opportunity to find work of the dream in the large foreign companies;
  • an opportunity to visit the interesting countries which you dreamed to visit;
  • to get acquainted with interesting people and to find new friends;
  • an opportunity to begin the business abroad.
  • Consulting services;
  • Transfers on grant programs;
  • Visa support;
  • Translations of documents and notarial assurance;
  • Legalization of documents in the Ministry of foreign affairs and Embassy of China in Almaty.

we offer the following range of services:

  • Consulting services;
  • Assistance in applying for scholarship programs;
  • Visa support;
  • Translation and notarization of documents;
  • Registration of guardianship in China for students below the age of majority;
  • Booking of flight tickets;
  • Regular communication with parents and educational institutions during the foundation year

CIS Education Group – your reliable partner in quality education abroad!


CIS Education group – your reliable conductor in quality education abroad!