Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS) is a university of agricultural education and research in Prague, the Czech Republic, established in 1906. The university offers bachelors programmes and Master’s programmes (based on credit system) and doctoral programmes.

The university offer now includes a total of 40 programmes taught in English, approximately 15 of which are in the bachelor level and 25 in the master’s level of studies. The Secretary of the Interfaculty Comittee Agraria is located at CULS. In 2005 the Czech University of Life Sciences (CULS) became a member of the  Euroleague for Life Science (ELLS), and it is also a member of  the Biofector project.

Faculties and Institutes:

  • The Faculty of Economics and Management
  • Natural Resources
  • The Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences
  • The graduates of the Faculty of Engineering
  • The Faculty of Tropical AgriSciencees
  • The Institute for Education and Consultancy
  • The Department of Physical Education


Bachelor’s degree: 2000€\year

Masterʹs degree: 2500€\year

Doctoralʹs degree: 5000 €\year


Accommodaition fee:

Double room : 120\150€