Banking Institute College of Banking

Higher education at the Banking Institute/College of Banking (BICB) started in the academic year of 1999/2000 as Bachelor Study Program under the educational program in Banking and Bank Management banking, . Later the college acquired authorization in other Bachelor study fields such as finance, economics and management. In 2001/2002 the study was extended by the Master Study Program in the accredited study fields of Economics and Management, and Finance. This study extended Bachelor Study Program in the subject fields of Banking Management and Insurance. In 2001, a German training company-holding company COGNOS AG, partnered with Banking Institute / College of Banking and it become the first private Czech College with a strategic foreign partner.

The study at the BICB is oriented towards education of workers in the fields of banking, finance and business, new professional concepts, methods and forms of work.


Bachelor’s degree: 2700€

Masterʹs degree: 2700€